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Peteris Zilbers Graduation project at Dutch Design Week (DDW) Eindhoven 21-29 2023

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 22.48.08.png

Sea Yourself at Home by Peteris Zilbers


Agricultural activities are the primary source of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in the Baltic Sea, leading to the excessive growth of cyanobacteria that deplete the oxygen in the water and result in ‘dead zones’. Sea Yourself at Home disrupts the traditional functioning of a kitchen to reveal the consequences of our food consumption. The installation features a sink gradually filling with algae-polluted water, overflowing onto the countertop and floor, symbolizing the hidden impacts of the agriculture that supports our daily eating habits. The discomforting transformation of a seemingly innocent domestic interior into a metaphorical dead zone reflects the negative impact of everyday human actions on the environment. 


©FemkeReijerman by Design Academy Eindhoven

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